Two Questions With Alec Asten, Director

The Norwich Community Cinema recently caught up with Alec Asten, the creator of our feature upcoming short film “The Curse of Micah Rood”. We learned a little more about his new projects and his love of filmmaking in Connecticut .
Q: What intrigues you most about ‘The Curse’ and what do you hope the audience will get from viewing your film?

Alec – The fact that this legend is in our own back yard is what originally grabbed me. I have always loved ghost stories and hope that the audience will be inspired by our cinematic rendition to explore history on their own. History is an important element to any civilization, and the truth is its’ only recorded from a certain perspective. When more people take the time to research the recorded page, new truths will be discovered. History opens up opportunities for many of us to become detectives.. and with these new results uncovered, we learn a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Q: What are some of the best things about making a film in CT?

Alec – Some of the best things about making a film in CT is a combination of working with a local cast & crew, shooting at the fantastic locations around the area, and of course utilizing the amazing support we have from the talent in our surrounding communities. I feel honored to have been able to create this film in the place I call home. Creating a motion picture is not a single effort, it takes an army to put it together and when you have a team of dedicated individuals working to attain one goal, amazing results can be achieved. For me, my proudest moment is when the credits roll and I’m reminded of those who contributed to this project. We could not have done it without all of their support.

The Staff and Volunteers of the NCC would also like to thank The Day for their great support and publishing the story of the Norwich Community Cinema on our behalf today.

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