Rose City Shorts Fest — Saturday, May 11


…and the winner is (pregnant pause)

(USA) Directors: Sean Fine & Andrea Nix Fine
*2013 Academy Award Winner Best Documentary Short

Tied for second:

Tile M for Murder (SWEDEN) Director: Andrew Edison
Curfew (USA) Director: Shawn Christensen
*2013 Academy Award Winner  Best Live Action Short


Donald L. Oat Theater

Suggested Donation: $7.00

Short films are often a stepping-stone toward the goal of a feature length film. Scorcese, Spielberg, many filmmakers started their careers making short films. At the 3rd annual Rose City Shorts Fest this Saturday, among other wonderful films, we are excited to have 2 that won academy awards this year.

Curfew is a 2012 short film directed by Shawn Christensen. The film won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film this year.

And Inocente, directed by the team of Sean Fine (a Connecticut College graduate) and Andrea Nix Fine, won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary.

Saturday’s films will be divided into two groups of approximately 45 minutes each, with a 15-minute intermission. At the conclusion of the festival, the audience will be asked to vote for their favorite film. The winner will be announced here after the event.

It is a lot of fun, and this year we will be auctioning off some of our double-sided movie posters. They are considered collectible. 27 x 40 inches. See below and see you on Saturday!


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