The Norwich Community Cinema Foundation was established in June 2006 to operate and maintain a public cinema, arts center and gathering place, within downtown Norwich. It was formed as a non-profit entity (Connecticut non-stock Corporation) and is currently seeking recognition under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Before the NCCF was formed, Brad Wall achieved considerable success showing independent films at the Unitarian Universalist Church. After forming a Board of Directors and filing articles of incorporation as the Norwich Community Cinema Foundation, Brad continued to search for a suitable home for the Cinema. Without Brad’s untiring effort and dedication, the NCC would not be in existence. We hope you will meet him at one our movie events.

Before Brad Wall moved on to other endeavors, the Board of Directors considered dissolving and giving the Foundation’s funds to another nonprofit who would continue our mission to bring non-mainstream movies to downtown Norwich. When an interested organization could not be found, the remaining members voted to continue operating. On January 28, 2009 an Annual Meeting was held and new Board members and officers were elected. The Board voted to seek professional assistance to complete the 501(c)3 filing and to rent space as a Norwich Arts Council affiliate at the Donald Oat Theater. It was agreed movie showings would take place at the Norwich Community Cinema on the second Saturday of every month, beginning in June 2009.

Equipment for the Cinema has been loaned to our organization and we have completed our first grant application for an upgraded movie sound system. It is our intent to begin slowly, building on our success and learning from the challenges we encounter. Attendance at previous independent films shown in Norwich indicates there is an interest, and a volunteer base already exists.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support

  • Brad Wall – Past President, Norwich Community Cinema Foundation
  • Andrew Harvey – Past Treasurer & Technology Advisor, Norwich Community Cinema Foundation
  • Bill Champagne – Board Member, NCCF
  • The Mohegan Tribe – Donation of Mason Temple chairs and artifacts
  • Bob Dembinski, Commodity Carriers – Donation of storage trailer and storage space
  • Lester Gorin, Gorin Furniture – Donation of trailer storage space and building for Auction Fundraiser
  • Volunteers – Assistance with dismantling and moving 800 Masonic Temple theater chairs and memorabilia, twice

Current Norwich Community Cinema Foundation board includes:

Sandy Quarto, Sue Masse, Jerry Smith, Greg Boyd & Deana Cosentino